For Ethical Toys

We support the employment of people disadvantaged in the labour market. We collect toys, repair and clean them, and then sell them at low prices.

At first

A few years ago, Claire Tournefier, a mother and former communications expert worked as a volunteer for the Red Cross. She was astonished by the number of donated toys that ended up being discarded out of lack of resources to sort them out.


With 16 employees - including 12 Social Firm contracts - Rejoué collects approx. 5 tons of toys per year, and restores and sells 20 000 games and books.


Rejoué aims to develop links with a network of distributors and promote the collection and recycling of material by toy manufacturers and distributors.

Our team

  • Claire Tournefier

    Claire Tournefier

    The founder and co-director of the association, Claire is a former expert in communications and events. She acquired experience organising international events when working for Exposium. Claire has been developing the Rejoué project for 2 years, along with Antoinette Guhl with whom she conducted the feasability study.

  • Céline Lefevre

    Céline Lefevre

Total: 2 087€ raised

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