Introducing Samusocial Senegal

Learn all about our work in Dakar

About ourselves

Samusocial Senegal was founded by myself, Isabelle de Guillebon, as part of the Samusocial International Network in 2003.

I took up this challenge set by Doctor Xavier Emmanuelli, the renowned founder of Samusocial International, leaving my job in Paris as a Human Resources Director to support street children in Dakar.

At first we coordinated mobile street activities with a small team, and then we opened a centre at Ouakam (Dakar). Our team and activities have been developing ever since, and I am proud to share our work with you today.

Why did we set up a centre for street children?

The context

  • > 5000

    street children identified by our NGO

  • ≈ 35

    new children encountered each month

A core factor of this social exclusion: urbanisation

  • “The environment of humanity is changing; we are all going to end up living in cities, but traditional societies are no longer relevant in a city”

    - Doctor Xavier Emmanuelli

So what are we doing?

  • 1. Street Rounds

    with 2 Mobile Assistance Teams

  • 2. Accomodation

    in our shelter based in the district of Ouakam

  • 3. Family reunification

    coordinated by social workers, psychologists and our Mobile Orientation Team

Reaching out

Two Mobile Assistance Teams, made up of a social worker, who acts as team coordinator, a physician and a driver, tour the streets of Dakar day and night, 5 days a week.

Providing emergency care

We have 4 missions: offering medical assistance, psychosocial support, preventive education, and paving a way out of the street for the children.

Offering shelter

Our centre aims to help children rebuild their spatial, temporal, social and psycho-affective bearings.

Facilitating street exit projects

Our goal is to ensure that family reunifications are long-lasting. We give particular attention to the quality of the support to street exit projects and monitor the children and their families once they are reunited.

Our key results in 2013

  • 4500

    medical or social interventions

  • 19700

    meals served at the centre

  • 259

    children accomodated

  • 112

    successful family reunifications

Why do we need you?

With the increasing number of street children requiring care and assistance, we have to find new sources of funding.

This is why we launched a crowdfunding campaign with United Donations to collect recurring donations from private donors and corporate philanthropists.

Curious about our crowdfunding campaign? See our next Storymaker!

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    Introducing Samusocial Senegal

    Learn all about our work in Dakar


    Catherine Droux, Sam Phelps, Samusocial Senegal, United Donations